Zumba® Is Exercise
In Disguise!
Party Yourself
Into Shape!

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Zumba® Fitness Dance & Exercise Classes

Z Plus Studio offers the best Zumba® Fitness, Dance, & Exercise Classes. Ditch the workout and join the party! Lose weight and get in shape by toning your body and shedding pounds with exercise in disguise! Burn calories while having fun with your friends.

Zumba® Fitness is the Latin sensation sweeping the nation that helps people lose weight and get in shape. Our licensed Zumba® instructors lead the class with aerobic dance moves that sculpt and tone your body. You never had this much fun while sweating with your friends! Be sure to like us on Facebook!

Z Plus Studio

Fit Fusion

Ready to sweat and push your physical fitness to the next level? Our Boot Camp training in Richardson is designed for those wanting to burn calories, build endurance & coordination, and shed pounds. This is a great way to get fit, stay lean, and possibly even build some great friendships along the way. Our signature classes deliver beneficial health and fitness improvements. We challenge your body and muscles to help you get the most out of each workout. When combined with Zumba® Fitness Dance, & exercises the results can be spectacular.